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Monday, March 10, 2014


I think I've finally got it all figured out. This has been a popular request. I have gotten all of my suppliers figured out and these are now for sale. This is obviously a computer illustration.
The grey circle in the center is a 30 inch diameter. 

The clock hands I have in stock are 12 inches from the center.

 The black squares would be your 5x7 picture frames. They sit outside of the 30" diameter.  I have chosen not to include those since everyone's style differs so much. 

The vinyl on the top is 23x8 and the bottom vinyl is 21x7.5 The vinyl can be cut in any color I have available. 

The total kit will include the clock mechanism, clock hands, and the vinyl saying

This clock kit is ONLY $40.00!!!! 

I will install vinyl and clock parts locally for $10.00 

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